Ryan Schlobohm: OSU’s Student Delegate for 2018 CABLE Program

August 13, 2018

USDA funded a project, Consortium for Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Education (CABLE), which aims to train students to pursue leadership roles in bioeconomy-related industry and academia. CABLE, on its second year, is led by the Ohio State University in partnership with 20 other colleges and universities across the nation including Oklahoma State University (OSU).

Ryan Schlobohm, a PhD student in Crop Science in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences (PaSS), is OSU’s delegate for the second cohort of CABLE students. For 2018-2019, Dr. Yanqi Wu, PaSS professor, is serving as Schlobohm’s mentor for a series of leadership trainings.

Mr. Schlobohm and Dr. Wu, together with other CABLE student delegates and mentors, will attend a leadership workshop at the 2018 Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC) Global in San Francisco, California.

Throughout the school year, Schlobohm will regularly participate in leadership training webinars, complete online assignments, and meet regularly with Dr. Wu for coaching sessions. “After this year-long program, my career skills, networking pool, knowledge of the bioeconomy and leadership habits are expected to grow tremendously. The opportunity to participate in such a remarkable program has me feeling incredibly blessed and I’m looking forward to the growth I will be able to experience over the next year both personally and professionally,” Schlobohm said.

Schlobohm added, “I’m excited to work with the great faculty and staff of CABLE, along with my faculty mentor and advisor, Dr. Yanqi Wu, who has been a major, positive influence in my growth as a researcher while working in his program. I hope to bring a unique perspective centered on the idea of plant variety improvement through a combination of traditional and molecular plant breeding practices to meet the demands of sustainable resources for an expanding Bioeconomy.”

Schlobohm will also plan and host a campus-wide bioeconomy related event, and participate in a student-led working group that will publish a paper on one of several important topics facing industry leaders in the bioeconomy that will also be presented at the CABLE Spring conference in 2019.

Following completion of the leadership training, Schlobohm will serve as a mentor along with Dr. Wu, to the next student delegate selected for OSU. Schlobohm will be a resource to OSU’s next student delegate and provide guidance as they make plans for their own campus project as well as answer questions they may have using his experiences from this year.

“My goal is to be as prepared as possible to step in to a career that allows me to employ the knowledge gained through the CABLE program and my work at OSU with Dr. Wu. Sustainability is a major focus of today’s production systems, and I’m eager to work to meet this dynamic challenge through plant variety improvement and the expansion of biobased fuels and products,” Schlobohm said.