OSU’s CABLE Delegate Attends Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference

November 14, 2018

Ryan Schlobohm, Oklahoma State University’s delegate for the second cohort of Consortium for Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Education (CABLE) students, and Dr. Yanqi Wu, Plant and Soil Sciences Professor, together with other student delegates and mentors from across the nation have just attended the 2018 Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC) Global as part of the CABLE program. The conference was held last November 6-9 in San Francisco, California.

The 2018 ABLC Global conference brought together speakers leading 17 distinct workshops, forums, and summits covering: Clean Fuels & Energy, Renewable Chemicals and Biomaterials, Feedstocks & Supply Chain Development, The New Nutrition, Advanced Agriculture, International Partnerships, Policy & Finance and many more.

“One of the highlights that stuck out to me was getting to meet and form friendships with all of the other CABLE student delegates. There is a strong, collective passion within the group to promote sustainable practices, and it was great to finally meet everyone in person. We also had the privilege of meeting many leaders in the bioeconomy. Expanding our networks and witnessing the true diversity of this industry was a tremendous experience,” Schlobohm said.

“The biggest take away I had from the conference was the possibility for growth within this industry. We were able to learn about policy changes that need to take effect in order for the bioeconomy to continue to expand, in addition to some of the leading technologies that are making this industry a truly dynamic force around the globe,” Schlobohm added.

Mr. Schlobohm also attended the CABLE leadership workshop, which is another highlight from the conference. “We engaged in a variety of leadership forums and challenges that really made you think and act upon your natural leadership habits. What I gained from these exercises was the concept of building upon your natural tendencies as a leader, as opposed to trying to imitate those habits of someone else,” Schlobohm said.

After the conference, Schlobohm together with other CABLE peers will prepare a report that focuses on detailing the aspects of several bioproducts that have possessed a resilient presence within the bioeconomy, despite fluctuations in the petroleum prices. “We are aiming to identify key elements of these bioproducts that allow them to maintain their economic viability in the face of low petroleum prices,” Schlobohm said.

In the coming spring, Schlobohm will work on an outreach event for OSU campus or Stillwater community. The goal of this event will be to spread awareness and educate others about the bioeconomy and bioproducts.