Michael Buser, Ph.D.

Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Air Quality and Bioenergy Logistics



Dr. Michael Buser holds a 90% research and 10% extension appointment in OSU’s Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering program. Dr. Buser coordinates research and extension programs on topics that include: Air quality, bioenergy feedstock logistics, product traceability, harvesting, storage, pre-processing and transportation of agricultural commodities. These stakeholder-driven collaborative programs are nationally recognized, and have been praised by industry and government leaders. In the early stages of a project, Dr. Buser identifies the critical needs of industrial and government clients. If these needs align with his research, he develops a research proposal, locates funding, develops stakeholder advisory groups, and conducts research. The findings are then published in refereed journals, technical reports, popular press, informational videos, presentations, and fact sheets. Dr. Buser’s projects typically involve extensive outreach and client engagement to promote a sense of personal investment from stakeholders.