Carol Jones, Ph.D.

Associate ProfessorBiosystems and Agricultural EngineeringStored Products Engineering


Research and Extension Interests

Dr. Jones joined the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department at OSU in the summer of 2006.  She has a 50% research, 30% extension and a 20% teaching appointment.

Dr. Jones’ research and extension programs include:

  • Grain and Agricultural Products Storage and Handling
  • Electromagnetic Sensing
  • Modeling of Forces  and Temperature/Air Movement within Storage Structures
  • Logistics modeling
  • Safety and rescue techniques and equipment for grain storage facilities
  • Equipment, training and research in pest management for grain and seed storage and handling

Dr. Jones’ research and extension program is known internationally.  She is one of only a few grain storage engineers in the United States and focuses on methods to keep grain and seed in the best quality possible.  The connection between grain condition and safety for both structures and workers is a strong motivation for the equipment research and training she provides.  She has lectured in 10 different countries including the Middle East, Europe, and South America.  Her dielectric sensing research has resulted in methods used for quality assessment and insect identification.  New and unique force modeling techniques are a current focus for her lab and will lead to new safety equipment and methods for determining storage structure viability. Dr. Jones teaches a Physical Properties of Biological Materials class and a Brazil study abroad class for engineering students each year.

Teaching Responsibilities

BAE 2023 Physical Properties of Biological Materials