Tyson Ochsner, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Plant and Soil Sciences Applied Soil Physics


B.S. Environmental Science, Oklahoma State University, 1998
M.S. Soil Science, Iowa State University, 2000
Ph.D. Soil Science, Iowa State University, 2003

Research Interests

Ochsner’s research focuses on crop water use, soil water balance, water resource impacts of bioenergy cropping systems and soil carbon impacts of bioenergy cropping systems.

“The public needs to be aware of new bioenergy technology because the advent of bioenergy cropping systems may bring about major land use changes in Oklahoma, and these changes need to be based upon the best available science.”

Teaching Responsibilities

SOIL 4683 Soil, Water, and Weather

Key Publications

Participant in USDA-ARS multi-location research project “Impact of Residue Removal for Biofuel Production on Soil: Renewable Energy Assessment Project (REAP)”.

Baker, J.M., T.E. Ochsner, R.T. Venterea, and T.J. Griffis. 2007. Tillage and carbon sequestration–What do we really know? Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment 118:1-5.

Ochsner, T.E., R. Horton, G.J. Kluitenberg, and Q. Wang. 2005. Evaluation of the Heat Pulse Ratio Method for Measuring Soil Water Flux. Soil Sci Soc Am J 69:757-765.

Ochsner, T.E., R. Horton, and T. Ren. 2003. Use of the dual-probe heat-pulse technique to monitor soil water content in the vadose zone. Vadose Zone Journal 2:572-579.