Clint Aichele, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Chemical Engineering
Harold Courson Chair of Petroleum Engineering

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Office: 423 Engineering North
Phone: 405.744.9110
FAX: 405.744.6338
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B.S. Chemical Engineering, Oklahoma State University, 2004
Ph.D. Chemical & Molecular Engineering, Rice University, 2009


  • Concentrated emulsion characterization and surfactant behavior for flow assurance applications
  • Dynamic interfacial properties of bi-phasic systems
  • Gas/liquid and water/oil separations
  • Paraffin precipitation and deposition in hydrocarbon systems
  • Hydrate formation during crude oil production
  • Sprays, aerosols, nozzle performance, and entrainment effects
  • Life cycle assessment


  • CHE 4124 (Chemical Engineering Senior Design)- This is the capstone course in the chemical engineering curriculum. It encompasses all of the aspects of the undergraduate chemical engineering education, and it provides students with the opportunity to develop strong technical and communication skills.
  • CHE 6010 (Graduate Student Seminar)- This course is the seminar for the graduate students. It provides students with the opportunity to meet outside speakers from academia and industry.


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