Raymond L. Huhnke, Ph.D., P.E.

Director – Biobased Products and Energy Center
Professor – Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Office: 223 Agricultural Hall
Phone: 405.744.8417
Email: raymond.huhnke@okstate.edu 
 Links: Huhnke’s Biographical Sketch
Sun Grant Program-South Central Region
Oklahoma NSF EPSCoR


B.S. Agricultural Engineering, Purdue University, 1973
M.S. Agricultural Engineering, University of Illinois, 1974
Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering, Iowa State University, 1980


Huhnke has been a team leader on several multidisciplinary, multi-institutional projects in converting low-cost biomass into liquid fuel and other value-added products using a gasification-fermentation process. Currently, he supports research in feedstock logistics and thermochemical conversion of biomass. From 2008-2013, Huhnke was the research coordinator on a five-year NSF EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Plan entitled “Building Oklahoma’s Leadership Role in Cellulosic Bioenergy”.   According to Huhnke, “Some members of our society believe that biofuels compete with our petroleum resources. We must provide education to everyone – secondary education students through general public – about the benefits of biofuels and how we can use our biobased resources to develop alternative forms of energy to supplement our fossil fuels while reducing our dependence on foreign oil”.


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