Feedstock development: Maintain an active feedstock development program providing improved perennial grass varieties for central and southern U.S.

Researchers: Ramanjulu SunkarMillion TadegeYanqi Wu

Feedstock production: Identify and enhance feedstocks for producing biobased energy and products, including assessing existing biomass resources and selected plant species, utilizing processed biomass waste, and determining optimal procedures for establishing and managing dedicated feedstock crops.
Researchers:  Gopal KakaniTyson OchsnerJason Warren

Conversion technologies: Enhance existing, while exploring and developing new, bioconversion technologies addressing biofuels, bioenergy and bioproducts.
Researchers:  Clint AicheleHasan AtiyehNurhan Dunford, Babu FathepureRaymond HuhnkeAjay Kumar, Josh Ramsey, Rob WhiteleyMark Wilkins

Logistics:  Develop and/or employ energy efficient and cost effective harvesting, handling, storage and transportation systems.
Researchers:  Danielle BellmerMichael BuserCarol Jones

Economics and Modeling: Determine sustainability of establishing biorefineries through economic and systems analyses, energy balances, and integrated models to quantify the environmental and economic impact of land conversion.
Researchers:  Francis EpplinScott Frazier, Rodney HolcombPhil Kenkel