Phil Kenkel, Ph. D.

Regents Professor
Agricultural Economics
Bill Fitzwater Cooperative Chair


Research Interests

Kenkel’s research is on producer owned bioenergy projects, bioenergy crop harvest machinery cooperatives and feasibility analysis.

“Research shows that when a bioenergy group is owned by producers or members of the local rural community the economic impact on that rural community is more than doubled, relative to a similar project owned by out-of-state investors. Bioenergy is an excellent opportunity for Oklahoma that can enhance income and crop diversity.”

Teaching Responsibilites

Key Publications

Kenkel, P. and R. Holcomb. “Conditions Necessary for Private Investment in the Ethanol Industry” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, (forthcoming, 2009).

Ferrell, S.L., P. Kenkel and R. Holcomb. Economic Aspects of Biofuel Assessment: A Feasibility Approach to Project Evaluation” Louisiana Natural Resources Symposium Shupe, T.f. and M.A. Dunn (eds) LSU AgCenter, Baton Rouge, L.a. ISBN 0-9763632-3-2 p, 32-52, 2009.

Kenkel, P. and R. Park. “Business Models and Producer-Owned Ventures: Choices, Challenges and Changes,” Agricultural and Applied Economics, Vol. 39, No. 2 July 2007.

Kenkel, P., and R. B. Holcomb, “Challenges to Producer Ownership of Ethanol and Biodiesel Production Facilities,” Agricultural and Applied Economics, Vol. 38, No. 2 July 2006.

Kenkel, P. and R. Holcomb. “Feasibility of On-Farm or Small Scale Oilseed Processing and Biodiesel Production” in Integration of Agricultural and Energy Systems, B.C. English, R.J. Menard and K.Jenson, editors, Farm Foundation, Oak Brook, Illinois. Proceeding of conference Atlanta Georgia, Feb 12-13, 2008.