Robert Scott Frazier, PhD., P.E.

Associate Professor
Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering



Frazier researches industrial ecology mass and energy flow mapping of biofuels processes, biofuels end-use systems (engines, generators, distributed generation), and biofuels related education topics, agricultural process optimization and quality management studies.

“Oklahoma bioenergy production has the promise of being a desirable product both in and outside of the state. The economic ramifications of a thriving Oklahoma bioenergy production business could be very beneficial for our state.”


  1. Various Ethanol Related Fact Sheets
  2. Ethanol Article in 2008 Energy Engineering Journal
  3. Industrial Ecology Mapping Project for Gasification/Fermentation Research
  4. Small Engine Ethanol Dynamometer Tests
  5. Gasification/Electrical Generation Demo Unit Research (preliminary)