Optimization, Upscaling, and Economic Feasibility of GBTL Technology

January 4, 2018

Fast pyrolysis is a promising technology for the production of liquid fuels or bio-oil through thermal decomposition of biomass or municipal solid waste in the absence of oxygen. Bio-oil can be converted into hydrocarbons and has potential application in the transportation sector. However, converting bio-oil into usable fuels and chemicals remains a challenge. Bio-oil cannot Read More

CABLE Attends First Bioeconomy Conference (Re-post from The Ohio State University OBIC News Nov. 2, 2017)

November 3, 2017

All aboard! Over 40 Student Delegates, Faculty Mentors, and Leadership Team members of the Consortium for Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Education (CABLE) have just returned from ABLC Next, a conference dedicated to the most important issues in the bioeconomy, in San Francisco, California. CABLE is a nationwide organization of universities focused on training students to pursue Read More

Joanna Quiah Participates in Year-Long CABLE Leadership Training

October 26, 2017

United States Department of Agriculture funded a new project to create a nationwide organization of universities to train future bioeconomy workforce. The project- Consortium for Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Education (CABLE) is led by the Ohio State University in partnership with 20 other colleges and universities including Oklahoma State University (OSU). The goal of the project Read More