STENOFOLIA Gene Doubles Yield and Sugar Release in Switchgrass

April 6, 2017
Tadege press release-STF gene-1

One important source of renewable clean energy is lignocellulosic biomass from non-food perennial grasses such as switchgrass, which is a dedicated bioenergy feedstock in the U.S. Increasing the biomass yield and sugar release efficiency of switchgrass have been a major focus by genetic improvement research to meet the demands for a sustainable lignocellulosic fuel production Read More

Switchgrass: the fuel of the future (Re-post from Today’s Producer, March 29, 2017)

March 29, 2017
Kakani press release

According to Dr. Gopal Kakani, Warth distinguished associate professor in OSU’s Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, one of the most interesting developments lately from growing switchgrass is it can be established and grown in all climates and soil types of Oklahoma. Switchgrass produces harvestable yields in the second year after planting, if proper weed Read More

Control of Flowering Time Can Potentially Iincrease Switchgrass Biomass Yield

March 2, 2017
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To satisfy increasing demands for lignocellulosic biomass as a source of renewable energy, switchgrass, a dedicated bioenergy feedstock in the U.S., should produce as much biomass as possible. This can be achieved by delaying flowering while prolonging the vegetative stage in switchgrass. One key genetic switch that determines production of biomass is regulating the genes Read More