Control of Flowering Time Can Potentially Iincrease Switchgrass Biomass Yield

March 2, 2017
Tadege Press release1

To satisfy increasing demands for lignocellulosic biomass as a source of renewable energy, switchgrass, is a dedicated bioenergy feedstock in the U.S., should produce as much biomass as possible. This can be achieved by delaying flowering while prolonging the vegetative stage in switchgrass. One key genetic switch that determines production of biomass is regulating the Read More

GBTL Technology for Liquid Hydrocarbon Production

February 16, 2017
Kumar GBTL

To supplement the demands of petroleum fuels and chemicals using existing infrastructure of engines, pipeline and fuel delivery, it is logical to target producing compatible hydrocarbons from biomass resources. Bio-oil produced from biomass fast pyrolysis technology can be converted into hydrocarbons. However, this conversion process remains a major challenge due to the instability of bio-oil, Read More

Mushroom Pretreatment Promotes Lignin Degradation During Storage of Switchgrass

November 29, 2016
Wilkins-Buser Press release

Dr. Mark Wilkins, former Professor at Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering (BAE), Oklahoma State University (OSU), collaborated with two other OSU faculty Drs. Michael Buser (BAE) and Stephen Marek (Entomology and Plant Pathology), and Dr. Julie Carrier from Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science at University of Tennessee to investigate whether oyster mushrooms, Pleurotus ostreatus, could be Read More