Yanqi Wu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Plant and Soil Sciences
Grass Breeding and Genetics


B.S. Animal Science, Ningxia Agricultural College (now Ningxia University), 1985
M.S. Forage Science, Sichuan Agricultural University, 1988
Ph.D. Crop Science, Oklahoma State University, 2004

Research Interests

Wu’s research interest focuses on switchgrass breeding and molecular genetics. One of his goals is to develop new switchgrass cultivars with improvement in biomass yield and other traits related to viable and sustainable feedstock production.

“The biofuels research will lead to inventions, which will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, improve our environment, create new job opportunities and be desirable for the agriculture and rural economy.”

Teaching Responsibilities

PLNT 5110 Plant Breeding Methods

Key Publications

Adhikari, L., M. Anderson, A. Klatt, and Q. Wu. 2014. Testing the efficacy of a polyester bagging method for selfing switchgrass. BioEnergy Research. DOI 10.1007/s12155-014-9528-3.

Liu, L.L., S.Y. Lu-Thames, and Q. Wu. 2014. Lowland switchgrass plants in populations set completely outcrossed seeds under field conditions as assessed with SSR markers. BioEnergy Research. 7: 253-259. DOI: 10.1007/s12155-013-9367-7.

Liu, L.L., Q. Wu, Y.W. Wang, and T. Samuels. 2012. A high density SSR-based genetic linkage map of switchgrass. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics. 2: 357-370.

Liu, L.L., and Q. Wu. 2012. Identification of a self-compatible genotype and mode of inheritance in switchgrass. BioEnergy Research. 5: 662-668.

Wang, Y.W., T. Samuels, and Q. Wu. 2011. Development of 1030 genomic SSR markers in switchgrass. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 122: 677-686.